Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A fabulous holiday - Rob and I spent last week in Austria and Switzerland on an Alpine Winter Holiday - it was wonderful - words cannot describe the views and the places.

Just a few pictures - I took well over two hundred photos and so it is difficult to condense down to a few just to share with you.

We went on the Alpine Glacier Express in Switzerland and this is just one view from the panoramic train carriage - it was wonderful

Trees just covered in snow as we travelled in a cable car

Oh look at this lovely cup of tea in the most friendly of little restaurants in Innsbrook - we also had goulash soup and apple strudel yum yum!!!

What a lovely view this was in Bregenz

Another cable car this time descending

We were lucky to have super people on the coach journey with us and it made for a lovely holiday. Oh wow the wool shops in Austria and Switzerland are out of this world, we found a couple of dressmaking fabric shops and it was like going into a little piece of heaven. There was a lovely patchwork shop but they did not have anything specifically Swiss they were all Kona Bay, Stoffe & Moda - home from home!!!!!

Then we found an Aquatic shop with some wonderful fish and Marine fish layouts and as that is Rob's next project we are having a Marine Tank with live rock and corals and wonderful fish so we got some good ideas from this centre.

Oh also the train layout in the shed looks like it might be being changed to an Alpine scene - from our bedroom window in Switzerland there was the most beautiful scene with of course a railway coming out of a tunnel before our very eyes - so our 1940's layout looks to be beached and an Alpine one on the way!!!!!

The wood carvings were fabulous and I should have put a picture of them on, but will just save that for later.

So now I am back - the house move is happening on Friday and we are all packed in boxes - have to keep moving or I might get put in one!!!! Poppy did not enjoy her stay at the cattery this time and has lost some weight but we can sort that out for her quite quickly I am sure!!!

Well Caroline's wedding invitations are out she has made them all and they look lovely - more about this on a later blog.

Must dash as I am trying to finish quilting a quilt and am nearly there - so once that is done I shall take some photos to share.


  1. Wow what a super holiday ,though have to say all those snow scenes looked horibly familiar ,if you know what I mean Brr ,I hope the move goes well ,'A little bit of heaven ',now that is how I feel when I go to Art and Stitch Jan xx

  2. Lovely pictures sounds like you had a great time. Think I will have to have one of those holiday things when somebody explains to me what a holiday is :-)
    Hope the house move goes ok I know how much you have been looking forward to it.

  3. Sounds like a super holiday. Hope the house move goes well.

  4. Your holiday looks fabulous! So beautiful in the snow! I hope the move went well and Poppy is settling in. xx