Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Well the house move went amazingly well - we had key release at 12-0-clock and the removals firm had gone by 3-0-clock, so we were able to go and get Poppy and start to get organised.
We are in love with the house and the space, the garden is lovely as Nic said roll on the Barbecue's.

Poppy is confused by the empty fish tank as they were all taken back to the Water Zoo to and we shall reset this one up with cold water fish and then the new Marine tank will be set up in due course.

Caroline & Nic have made all their wedding invitations and sent them out - they are lovely even though of course I am very biased! There is the most lovely verse inside from the file 'When Harry Met Sally'. They are so very happy and fizzing over, they have created their own website www.forourwedding.co.uk and Nic is starting a blog. Caroline has bought the most wonderful shoes - she will tower above me when we walk down the Aisle - and no before anyone says anything I am not wearing heels that high!!!!

So as we said yesterday, July will soon be upon us - as time flies so quickly. They are not having a bespoke wedding cake they are having "Mum's Cakes" . Nic's Mum also a Pam, and I are going to make fruit cake, maderia cake, chocolate cake, lemon cake & cup cakes and they have found a lovely cake display to hire to display them. Nic and Caroline will make one cake themselves for the top of the display which will have a bride and groom sitting on it. What a wonderfully different idea!! Oh it is soo exciting and I am so proud of them.


  1. OOOOHHHH cake, will there be a tasting session! The invites are lovely.

  2. I can feel your excitement fizzing over :-) I'm so glad the move went well. Hope we're going to see a few piccies of the new home. Poppy has obviously found her new home. Bet she wonders where the fish went!