Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Well Poppy has settled into her new home - she loves lying through the banister rails and then attacks anyone who walks past.!!!!

After a trip to Ikea Poppy was supervising the fitting together of the kitchen stools! She was totally convinced that Rob needed extra help and guidance.
Anyway she approved of the finished article and tested it out straight away!!!! There are two but she had lost interest by the time the second one was being put together.
We had a super day at Ikea - took Rob's 82 year old Mum for her first visit - she loved it especially the swedish apple cake and vanilla cream!!!
The one room in the house that I need to attack is my sewing room and I shall find some time soon I hope!!!


  1. I hope Poppy doesn't get any fatter or she'll get a surprise one day leaning through those railings! Years ago when I lived at home we had a ginger cat called Kelly who used to lay in wait on the stairs and whack anyone who came within reach in the hall below ;-) Sadly he got very vicious and took to lurking under anything handy and lunging at anyone passing and would latch on to a leg and refuse to let go. Very scary!

  2. I like the look of those kitchen stools!

  3. The stools look great. My mum had a cat that used to do that and would even attack the dog. The stupid cat never got used to the dog attacking back though!