Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Some more photos of our holiday in Austria and Switzerland - I took about 235 pictures and I am reluctant to dump any of them as they are all good in their own way!!

This was in a beautiful park in Innsbruck by the Palace - poor horse - they did not have many takers for the carriage ride I am afraid.

This cable car was above Innsbruck and where the Olympics had been held - of the ski jump looked absolutely terrifying - how on earth they can launch themselves from it I cannot comprehend!

More photos of the Oberalp Express - this was where we changed engines for the steep climb.

Unfortunately some of the pictures from inside the train as we were going along have reflections in - it was the most beautiful sunny day and the train was really really warm. But the views and scenery were totally awe inspiring.

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  1. Your pictures are stunning. The snow looks lovely even if it is cold.