Saturday, 19 February 2011

Oh I just had to share this - look at my new toy, it is soo lovely to use - I am really really lucky
to have this having just moved house. The throat on it is wonderful for quilting and there are lots and lots of lovely stitches and it is very smooth - I could just go on and on but wont!!!

I am busy quilting my very large Barn Raising Quilt on my new machine so it is earning its keep already.

Whilst we were on holiday I worried I would get bored on some of the coach journeys so I took some handsewing with me - and produced this lovely baby toy - the poor gentleman sitting across the aisle on the coach was wonderful he kept picking up all the bits I managed to drop on a regular basis. I only managed to make one as the scenery was so wonderful it kept distracting me.

Well tomorrow we have all four children and respective partners coming for the first sunday roast at our new home. Yeh I am so looking forward to it - the only slight worry is that my new oven is a gas oven and this is the first major cooking session in it. Oh well it will be fine I am sure. Rob has put together all our ikea purchases from last weekend so now we are getting really organised. My sewing room is slowly taking shape and I am hopeful of getting it all set up in the next week or so.

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  1. Your machine is great there will be no stopping you now, but on the other hand you wont have any excuse for not been able to finish your quilts.
    Good luck with the oven.