Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Yeh I have actually finished a quilt - this was made out of a jelly roll for the centre 'Fandango' by Moda then I decided to cut up a layer cake for the border - it is lovely and bright and cheerful - not sure where it will go now it is done - but it was fun to make!!!

The remainder of the layer cake and part of a plain brown jelly roll has made a second quilt and in my normal fashion haven't taken a photo of that just yet - though it is believe it or not finished.

We are having a workshop at Art and Stitch on 16th April with this quilt so should be a fun day.

I have been quilting my very large King Size 'Barn Raising Quilt' and am only a fraction of the way through it but it is coming along nicely. I have borrowed Barbara's new Janome Horizon and oh it is so wonderful - so wonderful that in fact I have ordered one for me he he a new toy coming - what fun¬!!!!!

Well my hundreth post is looming and I shall have to try and put my head together for a good giveaway - so am going to go and try and get the grey matter into gear.


  1. Your quilt is lovely, I can't wait to get mine finished. New house,new toy Rob you'd better look out!

  2. That is gorgeous ,so pleased you are settled in your lovely new home ,which I hope brings only happiness to all those who live there Jan xx

  3. Beautiful quilt Pam. Woo hoo! A new toy! You will have so much fun!