Saturday, 28 May 2011

Well here is our new basting table at Art and Stitch - how wonderful is this - it is a higher table

and 8ft square so absolutely brilliant. I had to be the first person to use it - you know me!! So I got this quilt on the table straight away. But have to get it off by Tuesday as the first lady to book the room is using on Wednesday! I think it will be a very popular room! Only £10 per day for the use of the tab le.

Now below is Barbara's version of the same quilt as I have on the table -I used metallic fabrics and Barbara went for Batik's - don't they both look so different and so striking.
Barbara is planing to get hers stitched together this week.

Right well I showed you my Cut & Come Again - work in progress - so here it is finished!! I did the workshop two weeks ago and finished this yesterday so I am very pleased with it.

I used a metallic thread and a fancy stitch on my lovely new janome Horizon which incidentally I adore.

Then having watched the ladies last weekend at Gina's workshop I decided sequins were the order of the day in the border - and I am very pleased with the effect. The photo of the stitching is not very clear and not doing it justice - probably the fault of the photographer!!

Right Angela was insistent that I blogged about the aquarium as well - in fact they are both doing exceedingly well. The Marine is getting very settled and here is a picture of them being fed last night - they go into a frenzy when the food is put in - frozen shrimps last night!

Now the three cold water fish in the other aquarium are growing so much - but unfortunately we have a fault on the tank and Rob has had to go out and buy a new power unit for the pump today. So they are going to be disturbed. Actually looking at the photo they look like one big blob - but there are two larger fish - one with onlyone eye - and a smaller fish. Though they have all grown incredibly.


  1. You have done really well with your quilt and trust you to be first to use the table. Barbara's quilt is equally as good. It's nice to see a variation on a design.
    Your Cut and Come Again is great.The Fish are looking settled but I'm not coming to yours for tea if frozen shrimps are on the menu!

  2. smiley face was testing posting from mobile now testing posting from laptop here goes... xx

  3. Your quilt looks really great and I love the fabrics you have used hope mine looks as good when it is finished. Your wall hanging is lovely and the sequins you have used finish it off really well. Well done xx

  4. Very impressive looking table there Pam! And those quilts are both beautiful, the sequins look great.