Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Well the new acquarium is progressing so well and we have now purchased our final fish. We went and purchased a Coral Beauty on Monday and it had been our original plan to purchase one more next week - but we have been advised our tank is not large enough to support two large fish plus the two larger fish are aggressive and may well have fought and killed each other and at the cost per fish we decided to stick with the one Coral Beauty.

He is fabulous and his colours are so irridescent - so now we can sit back and enjoy the aquarium and watch the antics of the inhabitants.

The photos were taken on my phone but are still quite clear.

I had to take a photo of my clematis - my sister gave this to us as a present in our old house but it has taken to its new location like a duck to water and is really doing well. I am so pleased with it.


  1. Your fish tank is lovely and colourful. Poppy must be having a great time watching them.

  2. The aquarium looks beautiful Pam. So many beautiful colours. Gorgeous clematis too. I'm glad it survived the move. Thank you Pam for your lovely words of support. xx