Saturday, 21 May 2011

Last evening in the garden we had these beautiful gold finches on the seed heads of an unknown plant. When we moved in, we resolved not to take any plants out or anything this year we want to see what the garden holds and then we can plan any changes without moving some nice plants. But aren't they most beautiful little creatures - so those plants will be staying definitely if they are going to attract such lovely little visitors to our garden.

Last weekend we had Anne Stacey with us at Art and Stitch and she was showing us how to do Cut and Come Again - it was an absolutely fabulous course - Anne is such a good teacher - such patience!!

Anyway here is my wall hanging - yet to be finished but I am determined to get it finished. The technique is superb and I love my colours - it was great to see all the different versions that were being made on the day.

Now I treated myself to some fat quarters at Chilford and then added to them from Art and Stitch and here is the partly finished quilt

I am so pleased with it - the photo is not doing it justice and I have to get the borders stitched on then think about quilting!!

I do seem to have several unfinished projects at the moment so am looking for some extra hours in my day - but not very successfully I admit. Still I shall get there one day I guess!!!

Barbara loved the design and has started one in Batiks which is going to look fabulous cannot wait to see that put together.

Well best go and get some sewing done - always so much to do - but how lucky am I to be able to sew for my job - not bad eh.


  1. The Goldfinches are beautiful. Your Cut and Come Again hanging is very vibrant and rich the picture doesn't do it justice.The quilt is great I love the diagonal lines.

  2. Both the quilts are beautiful Pam. I have just been reading and watching a video about Cut and Come Again and I'm itching to try it too.

    I googled the blue plant because I couldn't bring the name to mind and its common name is Knapweed otherwise known as Centaurea Montana. It is very popular with bees and butterflies so is a great plant to have in the garden especially if Goldfinches like it too. They're beautiful little birds!

    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog. I am still sad but I am holding on to the good memories.

  3. Your wall hanging looks brilliant well done and your quilt looks really great hope mine looks as good when it is finished xx

  4. I love the colours in your cut and come again. Very vibrant!