Friday, 27 May 2011

Well I know I should have blogged earlier this week - but usual excuses - whinge whinge I hear you say!!!

Well last Saturday we had the most fabulous workshop with Gina Ferrarri and luckily for those present it was a small group and they had a fabulous day and learnt lots and lots.
They made the most beautiful little bags out of organza and then went on to make the floral decorations in the afternoon - they are all soo good.

I am going to apologise as I cannot exactly remember who made which little bag - but one lady has used spiral confetti rather than sequins and that looks so effective

Now Gina also bought with her the most wonderful addition to the course and she sat there so quietly watching them all

Isn't she wonderful - so we at Art and Stitch are taking names for a workshop to make a doll in this vein - so if anyone would like to join us plse contact us to put your name down. E mail to

Now Gina bought with her the most delicious cookies ever and very kindly gave me the recipe so here is the first batch of chocolate chip cookies I have ever made. wow they were gorgeous.

I subsequently made a second batch of cherry cookies as Barbara at Art and Stitch does not like Chocolate chip - they were very good too. So thank you Gina.

Gina has also been making a ring cushion for my daughter's wedding and that is pictured on her blog but oh it is superb I cannot thank her enough.

Well I have a quilt to baste a wall hanging to finish and some customers to sort so off I must go.


  1. The bags are very cute.The cookies were lovely.

  2. Isn't that doll beautiful?! She looks so alive!