Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our new marine aquarium is really taking shape we now have got some live corals and some beautiful fish and cleaner shrimps.

On Sunday we got two new damsel fish that change colour they go so dark when they hide under the rocks and then this bright blue when them come out into the tank.

We have got two clown fish - they are very territorial but are so lovely - and real characters they come to the glass to look at you.

The two cleaner shrimps have bright red bodies and they swim upside down it is fascinating.

Also we have got a goby scooter and he is fascinating he sort of glides does not swim and loves to climb the rocks. it takes so long to get this established and we cannot overload the filters by putting too many fish in at once so these purchases have been over several weeks. We now have just two fish to go one next week a Coral Beauty and then the Flame Angel will be our last one as it is very territorial and if had gone in first would have attacked all the others. It is the most fascinating thing to watch - the fish dart in and out of the rocks and the hermit crabs scuttle along the substrate and then the limpet snails climb up the glass to clean it.


  1. I love aquariums - so relaxing! Yours looks great.

  2. Beautiful pictures, those fish are lovely. You must waste lots of time just watching, I would.

  3. Your fish tank is so bright and colourful it is lovely - shame the fish are so small we could have them with some chips one :-) x