Thursday, 16 June 2011

Well it is ages since I last posted - I really do not know where the time goes. My lovely Rob bought me a helicopter experience for part of my Christmas pressie so last Sunday we went to Bicester in Oxfordshire and I had a fabulous time. Unfortunately it was a little wet - but still really really great.

We have got these fabulous flower makers in the shop and I have been putting these together. Some of them need finishing but I will get them done - great for embellishing bags etc. etc.

I made this lovely bag with a Bali Pop - and Rpb's Mum liked it so much I have finished it off for her to have. And with the little bits left over I made a small purse to go inside.

I love Hand quilting and have been doing this at home so yesterday I finished it off with a lovely piece of Batik fabric for the piping and the back. I am really really pleased with it. It is nice to get some bits finished.

We had a bag course at the shop and one lady came who had not done any quilting before and here is her little bag. They are so versitile and useful these little bags and a good starter day as the ladies can go away with a finished item.

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  1. Lots of loveliness today Pam and how exciting to have a helicopter trip. Not sure I would be brave enough but my DH has done it and had a great time.