Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well here I am at last - it always seems to be that when I get time to blog it is a good couple of weeks between each time.

Well time has flown and been busy - I had a birthday at the weekend and my wonderful family spoilt me rotten - they all came over to see me and then Rob took me out for a surprise meal in the evening so all in all it was a lovely day. I had some lovely gifts from Barbara, Angela & Dawn - Barbara made me a beautiful pin cushion and I shall take a photo and put on the blog in a day or so - forgot to take a photo - big whoops!! Also Dawn made me a beautiful doll and she is at home so must take a photo of her too!

It was Barbaras birthday a couple of days before mine and I made her these two bags - the criteria was that her purse had to fit the bag the one I use is too small for her !!

On the subject of bags we have a lovely display in the front of the shop of all different bags so thought I would take a photo of them all.

Yeh I have finished a quilt - this one was a class we had a few weeks ago and I have finally got it all quilted and bound - it looks lovely I love the colours even if I do say so myself!!

Now look at this little fellow how gorgeous is he - we have got these panels in at work so I sat and handquilted him in the evenings and it is lovely - just need the grandchild!! No pressure eh!!

Well time is running away with us and only two weeks to the wedding now - big day !!! I am wearing my very high heeled shoes to get them broken in - and the dress is in my sewing room, the lads all have new suits - my dress is in the wardrobe - so fingers crossed for a sunny day.


  1. Happy birthday to you and Barbara x

  2. Happy birthday Pam! I hope the wedding day goes well :-) xx

  3. Your quilt is lovely the quilting has really brought it to life. Teddy is very cute.Not long now to the wedding I know how excited you are.