Sunday, 27 June 2010

Well I was well and truly spoilt yesterday for my big 60 birthday.
Flowers and cards arrived all day - we went out for lunch and then went to the Greyhound Stadium or 'to the dogs' for the evening which was really good fun with family and friends.
I lost - all my dogs seemed to give up the ghost at the first corner. Mark & Paul did well, Liz had to come and get a sub off Rob as she ran out of money!!

I had two beautiful home made cards, one from Karen and Vanessa and it was really nice all sewing orientated. Neil's mum had made the other card and it is so precise and beautiful - thank you to both of them.

Maggie is in Germany and sent me this arrangement of flowers

Mark bought me these on his way home from work - which was so good he did as Rob and I had fallen asleep in our armchairs - must be my age!!
Not sure what his excuse is.

Still my birthday will continue as Rob & I are going on a day trip on the Orient Express in July which will be magical and next weekend when Caroline is back from Glastonbury, Maggie back from Germany and Rob's Mum back from france we are having a family barbecue.

Oh I am in big big trouble with Angela as I have missed a giveaway point on the blog - well I didnt realise how many I have done and she says I have to do something for my birthday, so thinking cap is going on and I shall do something next week hopefully!!!!!


  1. 60 years old, you wouldn't think it. We had a lovely time last night. Here's to the next 60.

  2. Here here! Happy birthday for yesterday :o)

  3. I was surprised when I read 60! ,if you said 50 ,I wouldnt have been surprised ,anyway belated B/day wishes and many happy returns of the day Jan xx

  4. Happy bithday Pam! Are you sure you've got your age right?