Friday, 9 July 2010

Well thought I would let you know she has not improved at all she is still the naughiest cat in the world - the table mat is just soo comfortable!!

I made a lemon cake and muffins for my friends at line dancing - I also made profiteroles for work but didn't get the photo of them before they were eaten up!!!

I have been in bag mode - this little one is gorgeous - and did not take long to make - I can feel some more coming on!!

This satchel is such beautiful colours I love it

Now last but hopefully not least - My Giveaway - I missed one at the fiftieh blog mark so am doing this very later - that is so typical of me - anyway here is a pincushion - we all love them at work so hopefully it will go to a good home! So as this is all new to me I hope I am doing it right - I shall do the draw on Saturday 17th July.

Giveaway Puncushion!!!!! just in case you hadn't realised!!!!!


  1. Now I've seen those beautiful pincushions... I have the pattern but have never made one... so how can I resist a giveaway. And congratulations on 50 posts... I'm nearly up to 500!

  2. Ithought you wwas going to say she eat all your lovely cakes ,please put me in the draw Jan xx ,PS your bags are gorgeous

  3. hmmmmmm profiteroles and muffins mmmmmmmmmmm anyway focus what i meant to say was the pincushion is gorgeous where do you find the time to make all these lovely things? ooh and pretty please could you put my in the draw ? xxxx

  4. Love the bag and satchel the colours are beautiful. Why did we at the shop have the muffins would have much preferred the lemon cake.....the profiteroles were nice though! xxx There's no pleasing some people ...

  5. Lemon cake, my favourite!!!! I'll give you advance warning when I'm coming to Art & Stitch :o) How can I resist the chance for such a pretty pincushion? Please put me in your draw :o) Congratulations on 50+ posts!