Saturday, 10 July 2010

The fishpond is looking really great - built by Andy (Barbara's son in law) earlier this year - we have five fish and they are thriving and then the real reason for this is that, the Lilly has flowered today - I adore Lillies and Rob was adament that it may not flower this year - we are like proud parents!!!! - and below you will see our very first flower. We also have a second bud so very very soon we will have another flower how good is that.

I adore my lilly - it is really pretty.

Now to my new toys - Rob came home last week with a shelf unit for the second bedroom/sewing room - he had been to get some units for the shed and saw this one and felt it would help me out for storage. So a trip to Hobbycrafts and fourteen boxes later from hobbcraft the shelf unit is looking good. I have made labels for each box - they are not all full yet but getting there. Then once I have organised them I hope that I shall be able to find things and have space to keep the other items organised. Note I do not say tidy!!!!!


  1. Your lilly is lovely. I hope Neil doesn't see your tidy room it might give him ideas!

  2. I love your storage boxes I could make my room so very tidy with all those.Your lily looks lovely too.....