Saturday, 31 July 2010

On Thursday it was the Orton Quilters Meeting and the lady their had bought with her the most gorgeous colour wheel made of fabrics & embellisments mounted in mount board, anyway we all started to put our efforts together, and here is mine - I am determined to find some more colours to match in and finish - I really enjoyed it. Everyone enjoyed the evening Biddy was so informative and helpful it was great fun.

Now I am supposed to be getting ready to go to Debden for Summer school, the bolts of fabric below are going to become a log cabin quilt. I have done log cabin blocks but never an entire quilt so when Anne suggested it I thought yes lets have a go!!!!

So hopefully when I return from Debden I shall be able to put a photo of the quilt top on here.

Poppy will be in charge at home looking after Rob!!!! Rob has got his rail track all in pieces whilst he redesigns the layout so that will keep him well and truly busy for a few hours. Poppy will sleep get up to mischief and eat Cheerios! Oh yes, last sunday shopping we had to buy Cheerios as they are her favorite - who is soft - Rob I hasten to add!!!!! This morning she had my piece of sewing that I am doing at night on the floor and the bowl with the cotton ends rolling around the rug - make note to self you will need to vacuum the rug!!!! bother!!!


  1. Your fabrics for Debden look great. Have fun making your quilt and take lots of photos.

  2. I love your colour wheel. I've never done one but you have inspired me to give it a go. Don't tell Gina I'm starting something else.
    Can't wait to see your log cabin quilt it's my favourite block. I hope you get it finished, (no pressure)stop talking and concentrate you'll have no trouble :-)