Thursday, 24 June 2010

I started this table runner when we were doing a cake swap workshop at Art & Stitch and have decided the time has come to finish some ufo's about time I hear myself cry.
I was really pleased the way this turned out - I took a picture on the table then elegantly drapped it on the clothes airer - not such a good idea.
Anyway my friend from Line Dancing is running the Chesterton Village Fete this coming weekend at Hill farm Chesterton - so I popped it over to her for a raffle prize .
So hope it goes to a good home.
When I popped over she was busy trying to do the jigsaws she had been given for the fete to make sure they had all the
pieces I knew she was mad but that is dedication over and above. Over a nice hot cuppa it was decided she would just count the pieces!!!!!
Last week we had a 'Bag Day' at Art & Stitch and silly I did not take photos of the bags the ladies made they did some really nice versions and here are mine below - I love bags

Right well today is Social Stitching so I need to get organised what ufo am I going to attack today there are plenty - two cushions, one wall hanging oh and that is just for starters.
Not going to do much stitching this coming weekend as I am having a very young birthday suffice to say I have to go and collect my bus pass soon and Angela has already sorted out the home for me to go in!!!!! Will post some photos at a later stage.


  1. The table runner is lovely and as for the bags well we all know how attatched to them you are, may have to do something about then when you move into your new residence. The home is ready and waiting all I have to do is wheel you in :-)

  2. Have a good birthday. And a home wouldn't be too bad as long as you could take the sewing machine. Think of all the ufo's you could get through without Angela getting in your way ;)

  3. Have a great birthday Pam. Let me know the name of the home and I'll come and visit ;o)

    PS Well done on finishing the runner and I love the bags. xx

  4. The table runner looks great lets hope it goes to a good home. When you are in your new residence I shall have to find out if they do short stays and come and visit you...