Saturday, 5 June 2010

Well where does the time go - I haven't seemed to have time to put anything on the blog for ages. I read everyone else's and they are all so interesting and creative.

Anyway I thought I would share my clematis, isn't it lovely - my sister gave it to Rob & I as a housewarming pressie and as we are not particularly green fingered I am really really pleased it has survived and is going into its third season. Actually last year it was really spindly and me being me I hacked it off at soil level and my style of gardening seems to have worked!!

Well the top of this quilt was made ages ago for a workshop, but it has finally been finished, Barbara did the quilting, and it is being donated to one of the local schools St Botolphs for their school fete raffle prize.

These two pictures show a rail fence baby quilt in progress - it doesn't do it justice really it is very pretty. My friend is due to become a Grandmother so this is for her daughter - oh I remember Jenny as a butterfly in the ballet show when her and my daughter were much much smaller!! where do the years go.

And Sue, one of our customers thought it was good fun to take a photo of me whilst trying to baste it on top of the tables. Obviously I need to improve my table dancing skills or I shall not earn any money!!!!!


  1. Hi Pam so lovely to see you posting and posing lol love your quilts .what a great raffle prize ,Im sure that will sell lots of tickets for the raffle at Botolphs Jan xx

  2. the quilts look fab. And as for you table dancing skills - I always suspected you were up to something in your pre-art & stitch days :)

  3. The quilt was a joint effort that paid off it's lovely.
    Live the photo of you on the table, now you know what it's like.

  4. Love the picture of you on the table!

  5. Your clematis is beautiful and the quilts are really lovely. Well done for being so athletic. I'll know who to send for next time I need a quilt basting! lol (I hope H&S weren't watching vbg)

  6. The quilts look lovely and the baby quilt looks brilliant now it is completed well done.Clematis are a favourite of mine must try chopping mine down and perhaps it will look better..