Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Aston Quilters who meet at Art & Stitch once a month have been doing a mystery quilt over the past few months and here are their efforts. They are all absolutely brilliant and the different colours make them all so different.
Barbara wanted a double quilt so made it twice as big and put flying geese on as a border!

Brenda's - this is her first quilt top and she is soo chuffed only the borders to go no.

Judith's top aren't the borders lovely - and how different the colours make them look

Fiona's top

Jill has wadded and backed hers and this is back and front how brilliant

Vanessa's again made as a double with flying geese for borders

This was the one I put together


  1. Dont they look different in the different colours ,all lovely ,in their own way ,such clever hardworking ladies Jan xx

  2. The mystery quilts look great and worth all the hard work and we really enjoyed making them it was great fun. Well done everyone.

  3. What talented ladies you have in Peterborough! The quilt tops are all excellent!

    Thank you for your lovely comments over on mine :o) Yes, the red wine went down a treat. Time for another I think!

  4. All the quilts are fantastic, such hard work and a lot of fun.