Saturday, 9 June 2012

 Hello I have done it once again - left it awhile since I sat and blogged and updated you on my activities.

Anyway I wanted to show you what Rob and I treated ourselves to - when we moved house we bought our fish from the garden pond and put them in a holding tank until we could decide on where to put them.
Well time has passed and we have talked pondered and wondered what to do and with the knowledge that we were to be Grandparents we were relucant to sink a pond into the ground.  Anyway we were not even remotely looking for a solution to this problem when it presented itself to us as a possibility and it is gorgeous - like having an aquarium in the garden with the portholes to see the fish from the sides.  Our five fish are amazingly healthy and like their new home.

Now here is a beautiful bag - Barbara has been making this for her daughter Sam, and because Sam decided she would like non-fabric handles - it caused a delay as Barbara was not keen to do this.
Anyway look at the fabulous bag with the handles - As you can well imagine she was not a happy bunny but it is finished it is lovely.
We had a class a couple of weeks back for a log cabin cushion and one of our ladies came - her first class with us for patchwork was in February  so she is relatively new to patchwork, and this is her cushion.   She came this week to make a Chicken and look how it matches.
She is really enjoying her sewing - has treated herself to a bigger better machine - and yesterday was making a table runner - when that it finished I shall take some photos.  It is lovely to see how much our ladies enjoy their sewing.


  1. Your pond is lovely and probably a lot easier to maintain than a pond. Very clever ladies at Art & Stitch :-)

  2. The pond looks great and I'm sure Leo will enjoy watching the fish through portholes. Barbara's bag is lovely but oh it was hard work, well it was Barbara that was hard work!

  3. Ive just posted about these jumpers myself.
    Ive posted pics on my blog before now and theyve been bright, colourful and cheery but.............if you google about them, theres a surfeit and my post today seems to be a sad result.
    Its disappointing frankly.
    But youve knitted a smashing set there.
    Hope your collection point does get them through to the needy, wherever they are.