Tuesday, 19 June 2012

 Just had to blog about a fabulous day out on Sunday.  We met with good friends at Ickworth House in Suffolk.  The story is a great one - last autumn we went to Yorkshire on a holiday with the National Trust and the scenario was that at meal times we were allocated communal tables, we seated ourselves at Table Six with  some other holiday makers and oh how lucky we were!  We had a fabulous holiday with them all - our humour was so interchangeable and since then we have kept in touch and met up - earlier this year at Angelsey Abbey.  Well Sunday we met at Ickworth, it was like we had never been apart - it was a lovely day.
Then we found The Stumpery - which is a new addition to Ickworth gardens, all the stumps are from trees felled or come down naturally on the estate, it was absolutely magical we wandered for ages and ages and just could not get over how beautiful tree roots are!!!

 These stones are apparently from the Giants Causeway in Ireland - now never having been there I
thought them a little small but Jean & Shiela had been to Ireland earlier this year and apparently these are the correct size and identical to the Irish stones so possibly the National Trust is telling the truth and they came from there!!

But honestly look at these roots how wonderful they are.   The photo below is just a very knarled tree stump but I love it.
 Look at these - honestly I had just never given the time to consider what tree roots looked like, but isn't nature wonderful

 A view of Ickworth Rotunda from The Stumpery.
Now this fungi was fascinating.

So if you ever have the time to go to Ickworth it is well worth the trip - National Trust - thank you.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting trip. The tree stumps are amazing.

  2. These photos are great! The roots of the fourth photo'd tree look so mighty. I wonder how long they stuck around for. I love all of these pictures, especially the rocks. Post more pics!! God bless, and good luck.

    -Tony Salmeron