Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hello - here I am back again with an updated post  - first and foremost I am (because Angela said I had to!!)  putting pictures of my little Grandson on - this one is him meeting his Uncle Mark who is my youngest son - Leo needs to keep him in trim me thinks!
 A lovely photo of Mum and Leo - they are doing really well and he is putting on weight nicely and has changed in the three weeks of his little life.
 Well enough of my family - I have been busy honestly - but I do not seem to be getting anything finished at the moment.   Anyway at home I have been sitting knitting these jumpers and little beany hats for the babies in Africa - they are soo easy - although I am a slow knitter they do not take long at all.
 They are made all in one piece and could not be simpler.  Easy to do whilst watching the television.
Well I bought this pattern for a table runner absolutely ages ago and so last Sunday I thought to myself I
am going to have a go and get started, this is now it in its partially finished state, needs to be wadded, backed and quilted - say it quickly and it doesn't sound much!
 Right here is something I have finished and I am really really chuffed with myself and pleased with the finished effect.   it has taken hours of stitching and hundreds of beads - but I enjoyed every minute of doing it.
Now this one will probably suprise you all - I am a convential person and always tease Angela as she is so Arty Farty - also extremely clever and does some wonderful Arty Farty bits.  Well yesterday she was teaching at our Christmas Club making a wall hanging using wax crayons and she dared me to have a go.  Well I am useless at anything to do with colouring  or art - bottom of the class all the way through my school life!

Well I had to have a go having been challenged - of course I moaned incessitantly!!! 
 But I am going to confess very quietly so she does not hear - that I enjoyed every minute of it - it is different and was great fun - all the ladies at the course thoroughly enjoyed themselves - the photos of all the different wall hangings are on our Art and Stitch facebook page.
 I still have to finish beading the third tree but the overall effect is so good - that I am definitely going to try and do something else with this technic.  So actually a very big thank you to Angela for pushing me out of my normal perimeters. 

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  1. Haven't you been busy. All that sewing and getting out of your comfort zone! Your forest is magnificent and you should do some more. The photo's of Leo are lovely isn't he cute. Caroline and Leo are beautiful.