Saturday, 30 June 2012

Well I have had a lovely week - it was my birthday on Tuesday and I had the day off but popped into work to see them all and I had some lovely presents. Angela has put a picture on the Art and Stitch Facebook page.

I have been having trouble with the photos - they have a mind of their own - the top photo should have been the last one - but typically as it is of Gemma's quilt and it takes after Gemma it is being a stroppy teenager and insisting on being the first picture of the blog.
Gemma made this using migrating geese - hasn't she done a superb job - she spent yesterday basting it so now just has to quilt it now.
We had a class on Wednesday and to show the ladies the technique I started using some scraps of fabric left over from my Hugs and Kisses  quilt - and it has turned out to be a really nice wall hanging.  I have to finish embellishing it now.  So when I decide what I am going to do with the quilt the wall hanging will have to go with it.  I haven't been able to finish it as we are waiting for the turquoise fabric to come in so I can put the borders on.

I also decided that having knitted several of the Fish & Chip baby jumpers I wanted to do some sewing so took home the wall hangings that I had made and not yet embellished.  This one is all about food and drink - now I wonder why I thought of those two subjects!!!

The sandals cried out to be embellished with beads and the cup cakes look yummy enough to eat.  I am having fun doing this and shall spend some more time finishing it off.   It was a great excuse to purchase some more lovely beads and sequins from the shop.   Not that I needed much encouragement to spend money!!!
I have been attempting to move the photos around so they are together, but have failed miserably so I am leaving them where they are.   So apologies for the very large gap.
Well I just have to get on and finish some of my unfinished quilts - time is moving on and I have all these wonderful intentions but sometimes time fails me.


  1. Gemma did a great job with her quilt.Your hangings are fun especially the food and drink one, so you!

  2. Belated birthday greetings! And thanks for your latest comment on my blog too! Much appreciated.

  3. Happy Birthday for Tuesday Pam xx My, you have been busy and Gemma's quilt is beautiful.