Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just had to show you this photo of little Leo with his Dad - he is so gorgeous and such a good boy - they are such a lucky couple and he is lucky to have them and me as nanny of course!  I am going to see him again this evening - yeh that will be lovely.

 Rob and I have a new visitor in the garden, he has moved into the pond to join our five goldfish - he is quite cute.  He likes the fish food knows when he is well off.  We were pleased that the fish survived the really cold winter again - now they have the best place in all this heat!
My sister gave us this Clematis when we first set up home together and moving it here to this house has suited it down to the ground, it is a picture and we can see it from the Dining Room Window.  We spent Monday planting up all our bedding plants and the garden looks lovely - we both enjoy tinkering in the garden together.