Friday, 5 August 2011


Wow well I have just spent a fabulous four days at Debden Houses in Epping Forest with some lovely ladies and Anne Stacey as our mentor - it was superb - the food was good - the company was great and Anne was soo so patient and helpful - well here are some of the things I tried:

I will apologise for the slight out of focus photos as I used my phone and obviously need to master keeping it steady!!

Well I took some projects one that I thought would take me alot longer than it did - so with Anne's guidance I went into really random with wacky stars - oh it was such such fun I loved it and somewhat out of my comfort zone but here is the piece I got done so now I have to put borders on and I cannot wait.

Well the project I had in mind to do was a Radient Star I have never been brave enough to do it and so I went armed with my fabrics my book and here is the finished results. I loved it it was such great fun

The first sections going together

Then the finished article just needs backing and turning into a fully fledged wall hanging.

It is better in the flesh.

Then Anne showed me how to put drunken path together and again I turned random and bright

this time.

Debden was wonderful it is soo lovely to be able to sit and sew and not have to worry about cooking or anything. The foods as always was out of this world and now I need to diet!!

Right some random items below - I bought Rob a trip to Vinopolis in London for his birthday so I was lucky enough to be able to go to!! We had a great day a fabulous sunday roast then we went around tasting lots and lots of different wines - some were absolutely gorgeous - then we had a Bombay Shapphire Cocktail - for which I was in my element as I adore those

Now I am soo pleased with our water lily - we had to move the fish pond when we moved house in February and they all five fish and the lily went into a holding tank and are still there until we plan exactly where we want to put it - but the fish are thriving and here is the first flower there is a second bud coming so I am very happy. I adore lilies they are such pretty flowers.

Now I am chuffed about this - I had sat and hand quilted and beaded this wallhanging ages ago and it was hanging in the shop - well a very discerning lady came in and bought it so that is my first thing I have sold yeh!!! It was lovely and I actually hesitated whether to let her have it - I felt very protective of it!!!

So now I have to do another one which will be fun.

Right well I have to go and do some more to my wacky stars and then when it is finished I will let you all see it.


  1. Your Radient Star is fabulous. I can't believe you did the wacky stars it's so unlike you to do something so haphazard it's great and looks like a fun thing to do.
    I really miss your hanging from the shop.
    Rob looks very happy in that photo.

  2. Wacky is good!!! And I am very impressed by your Radiant Start and very envious of your Debden House experience. Glad you had a great time and congratulations on your sale :-) It was very well deserved xx