Saturday, 27 August 2011


Oh look at this - I have never done any crochet at all and
yesterday I had a go - Angela who has done some crochet before is teaching herself via You Tube - how good is that but of course cack-handed anna here couldn't be left out!!

Well i wasn't doing too well then a visitor to our shop, the lovely Eileen who had come with one of our tutors for the day came to my rescue - she was calm and so nice - she managed to get me to get my fingers in roughly the right place (I have to confess to a near wobbly and I am not doing this anymore moment!) - any way look at my little piece of crochet so now I have to learn some more.

Angela who has mastered this skill amazingly made me this lovely brooch last night so I am really pleased with it.

Now I have started another baby quilt using the Go Cutter in the brushed cottons oh it is so lovely and soft it will be gorgeous - Angela now wants a quilt made from brush cotton for herself!

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  1. It's nice to see your crochet progressing, keep it up. I'm glad you like your brooch.
    Who wouldn't want a quilt made from flannel so warm and cosy. I can't wait for our delivery of patterened flannels from Moda.