Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Well we went to the Festival of Quilts on Sunday and it was a fabulous day - met lots of friends there and caught up - how good is that. We took Rob's Mum who is 82 and met my Sister Maggie there - so we were quite a group with Angela, Margaret, Helen, Rob & I. Angela Maggie and Helen did a workshop and the rest of us wandered the stalls.

Here are just a few quilts - there have been lots of photos on blogs - but these were a few that caught my eye for one reason or another!

I just loved this funky lady she was so fun.

The next two were Rob's favorites - he thoroughly enjoyed the show and bought lots of bits and pieces which he will be able to use in his woodworking - how bizzare is that!

This was Rob's real favorite he loved the colours and unfortunately this picture is not doing justice to it.

Well I decided to try my hand at sketchbooking with Gina Ferrarri - I was giving up as I bought the wrong type of sketchbook to start with but Angela was adamant that I was not giving up - on Gina's blog who is miles ahead and there are some lovely samples of work - but I guess I had to try - I do not draw!!!! You can see that - I have done some further pages since these photos but I am still not convinced that I am any good at it!!!!

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