Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Well belated Happy new Year - I have been going to update my blog ever since the Christmas Break but where does the time go to.

Nothing very exciting to report I am making a runner for the bottom of Rob's Sisters bed in William Morris materials it looks dark in this photo but that is because the weather is so grey at the moment. Roll on Sprin!!!

I have started making hexagon pin cushions, and so far this is all I have done oh well - Rob went into a panic when he saw the pack of sawdust thought I had decided to get us a hampster or something.

Well I have plenty to keep me busy as always. My eldest son was 29 last week and that was nice we all had a family meal and then my baby boy is coming for tea tonight I think they are broke after Christmas!!!!

Roll on Spring and some nice green shoots to the trees.

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