Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hello I am back again on my blog - look at me don't I look gorgeous - the humans are coming along quite nicely which I am pleased about. There is a lovely comfortable bean bed in the back bedroom and I just know it was made for me to lie on!!!

The only disappointing thing so far is that there are some funny things moving around in a big tank in the front room and every attempt I have made to investigate gets stopped, I only want to sit on top and play can't they understand that!

Well I suppose I had better let Mum put her five eights in - she is so chuffed with this thing that she made and has stuck things in I guess it is of interest, but it doesn't smell, I cannot eat it so I'll just let her have a moment of glory poor humans you do have to pamper to their whims!!!


  1. Oh dear fancy not being allowed to check out that tank ,arent they spoil sports,..........Pam lovely to speak to you on the phone just now ,if I can get a lift I will be there ,I will let you know either way Jan xx

  2. Lol - glad to see Poppy is whipping you into line!!!

  3. Poor Poppy you invite her into your home and then you tell her what she can and can't do. Let her play with the fish :-)