Friday, 15 January 2010

Hello I am Poppy - these photos do not do me justice as they were taken on Mum's phone and she needs to get some better pictures. I am one year old and needed a new home, so some old softies called Pam & Rob came and collected me last night. I wasn't too impressed with the car journey and the shower that I had to have when they got me to their house as I had made abit of a mess!!!!!

Still they went to Pets @ Home and got lots of lovely food and things for me and I think they will be okay as the settee is comfee the food is good and i shall soon get them trained .

Oh the room at the back looks interesting their is lots of bits & pieces I can play with cotton reels and things, and the knitting wool last night looked interesting too!!!!

See you all soon - love Poppy xx


  1. Very cute. Who is the softest out of you two? Must be Rob since he is the one sending texts to say that Poppy is asleep on the bed!

  2. She's gorgeous :o) So, now you have a new supervisor in the sewing room! I hope you're going to keep us up to date with Poppy's training of you.

  3. Oh Poppy, you are a lucky girl to own such nice people, all that nice food ,and cotton reels and balls of wool too ....sigh, heaven Jan xx

  4. Pam, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today :o) xx