Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another week flown by

 Well another week has flown by - I honestly do not think I have as many hours in my day as other people it is not fair!

I have been busy with my knitting and have now finished the back of the top and have started the front yeh - I think I am the slowest knitter in the world though.  I had never used a cable needle before so it is not perfect but it looks good to me!   The King Cole Bamboo Double Knit is so soft to work with - I am looking forward to finishing it and being able to wear it.

 This is the cable section and it looks really good.

Oh I just had to mention this poinsettia - I am useless totally with keeping these normally and some of you may recall that I made tyvek flowers a couple of years back as I could not keep the plant.  Well by some absolute miracle I have managed to keep this little beauty alive.  My friend Hilary gave it to me on Firework Night last year when her and Frank came to dinner and look at it now.  I did try to kill it last week by overwatering but I realised I had been soo silly - and drained it off and it is still looking good. 
Rob and I had a fabulous day on Sunday tidying up our garden - it was beginning to look like one rose and beds of weeds!!  So we went to the garden centre and got lots of bedding plants and potted out all our tubs and some of the borders and even if I say so myself it looks really good.   Poppy of course was her normal helpful self and sat herself regally on the bags of compost.  Most helpful. At the moment she is in disgrace as she has dug up a begonia - but so far that is the only casualty phew!
Art and Stitch has been lovely and busy keeping me out of mischief - I am still trying to get some UFO's finished and am currently quilting two quilts - so they will be done and dusted soon I hope!!
Although at the moment I am making a bag for Barbara for her birthday in June and my Caroline wants a Beach Bag to take with them on holiday at the beginning of July so had better get working!!!

Thanks to everyone that read my ramblings - please keep doing so.


  1. Beautiful knitting and what a fabulous colour! Well done for not killing the Poinsettia, it looks very healthy. If you're short of a little gardening we can find you some up here ;-) Poppy looks very comfy.

  2. The jumper is looking lovely and I can't wait for you to get it finished. I'm amazed you've managed to keep that poinsettia for so long, I thought they weren't meant to live long anyway.