Saturday, 22 June 2013

A busy week leading up to our All Nighter

 Well it has been a lovely week, it has flown by as they always do.  Today is Barbarba's Birthday and I made her this bag and a little bag to match.
I have been enjoying making these bags as you will have seen from previous posts.  The fabric is lovely and the bag just made in two colours came out really well.  it has four pockets inside, as well as the outside pockets.

 I have finished my short sleeved jumper - it is lovely - the first time I have ever used a cable needle and I have to say I am very pleased with my efforts.   It is made from King Cole Bamboo double knitting and is so soft.  it is a good fit and I am feeling justifibly self satisfied with myself!!

Another little bag - this is a fun bag and will be going on holiday with me when I go away later - again put pockets inside for phone etc. etc.

Well tonight is our All Nighter at Art and Stitch - we have a lovely group of ladies in with loads of enthusiasm, music is playing, food is on the table - Angela and I are going to be knitting and trying to keep them all in order.


  1. Gosh Barbara is lucky,I love that bag ,I bet she does too,I love your jumper also ,I see you cast on May 22 ,and by the 22nd June you are showing it to us ,well done, love that pattern ,where could I buy it ? Jan xx

  2. Beautiful bags as always Pam and your top is beautiful. Clever Girl!