Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My favouite place

 We had a lovely day on Sunday at Ickworth House in Suffolk, it is a National Trust Property and I have to say I think it is my favorite place.  The grounds are lovely and there is a tranquility that we find so nice. 
We met with a group of friends "Table 6" we all met on holiday two years ago and formed a bond and we meet a few times a year to catch up and natter.  We were tinged with sadness as one of our party passed away with terminal cancer which was very sudden and very quick - but our thoughts were with her family as we wandered around Ickworth.  She will be missed.
 The Stumpery is an area of the grounds that  Ickworth started to plant out using all the old tree stumps from the Estate that had been blown down or taken down for various reasons.  They are absolutely beautiful - I did post some photos this time last year on our last visit to Ickworth.  But they have been planted out more and extended the area and this is how it is developing.  The tranquilty here is wonderful and the bird song - there was a blackbird warning us to be quiet and behave it was really lovely.

We had a beautiful day  we were lucky with the weather and the food in the restaurant was superb.
just has to show you my Clematis - my Sister gave us this for a housewarming present and it absolutely loves the spot we have put the pot and it is doing so well.
Right best go and see if I can do some sewing.  Till I blog again hope you are all well.


  1. Ickworth is a nice place to visit. I had a great time there as a teenager, I went on National trust working holiday for a week.

  2. I'm sorry about your friend but what a lovely place to remember her in. Your clematis is beautiful, they're one of my favourite flowers.