Saturday, 8 December 2012

last weekend was The Christmas Quilting Retreat at Debden with Anne Stacey - Hilary joined me and she thoroughly enjoyed her first trip to Debden house.   We woke up to a beautiful frosty morning on Saturday and this was the view from our bedroom window.  I started three different projects  and have finished none!!!!!  It was a superb weekend great fun from start to finish with great company and Anne leading us as always.  Hilary did loads of her Christmas tree and tried some new projects too and was well pleased.
As and when I get some of my projects into an acceptable state I will take some photos.

This is my project at home at the moment - I fell in love at the festival of Quilts with Ans Schipper's display of quilts and purchased a kit - one just had to !!  Anyway subsequently I ordered her book from her in Holland and it is a lovely book

 Anyway this is where I am now with all my hexagons.  I started doing hexagons on the flight to and from Canada and at odd times when I was sitting with a spare moment - though there were not many of them.   It is such fun and putting them together is just like a jigsaw puzzle - my son Mark was fascinated when he came for his tea.

I have used  scrap fabric all the way through - bits and bobs found in my sewing room - so I am rather pleased with myself for that.

Then I just had to share this - on Monday Leo who now has found he adores yoghurt - also loves making a mess too!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time at Debden. Your hexagons look lovely, you have far more patience than me. Isn't Leo growing up quickly. I'm sure he enjoyed that lunch.

  2. Your hexagons are fabulous! (and Leo just adorable!)

  3. I agree, Leo is gorgeous! Your hexagons look great and well done for using up scraps, they never seem to get any less, do they?