Friday, 28 December 2012

The Star of Christmas

Our little Christmas Elf on his first Christmas - he had a lovely day although the whole experience passed over his head!  But he loved all the company, attention and most of all the new toys to feel and play with.

Look at me!!

 Caroline and Nic did us absolutely proud - their first Christmas Dinner was a total success and there were ten very replete folks.  So a big thank you goes to them and we look forward to next year!!
Poppy has found a nice resting place at home and will miss the tree when we finally take it down.

So Happy new Year to you all - let us hope the weather improves and 2013 is alot drier and all those folks that have suffered so terribly with floods this year can recoup and get their homes back in order.


  1. Leo looked like he had a great time and I bet he was spoilt rotten but who can blame you.Well done to Caroline and Nic. At least Poppy has got off the quilt!

  2. What a lovely Christmas and Poppy looks very comfortable. Leo is gorgoeus! Happy New Year to you both!