Saturday, 22 December 2012

 Happy Christmas to everyone that reads my blog - I know I am not very good at keeping my blog updated and I could mutter a News years Resolution to be better in 2013 but you probably will all realise that that would not happen!   Anyway for all of you that have persisted in reading my missives - thank you so much - and all the best for 2013 (it would appear that the predicted End of the World did not occur - phew!)  So I wish everyone a lovely Christmas and will update again in 2013.

Our adorable cat is so spoilt she has her own chair and quilt and as hers was in the wash I let her have my radient star - she thought she looked particularly attractive and decorative on it!

 Rob has been busy in his workshop making money boxes - these three are for three very special little girls as part of their christmas presents - but he is very pleased with them and has been requested by a lady at work to do some for her early next year.  He also has to make a box for Barbara so I think he will be kept out of mischief in the workshop for a while.
Poppy was totally exhausted watching me wrap Christmas Pressies - honestly I had taken up too much space and only left her the corner of the spare bed!

It has been busy at work and Angela, Dawn and I did a jelly Roll Race quilt last weekend - Dawn is yet to finish hers, but Angela and I have got our orders on now - you can see the photos of them on our www.facebook/ page.  Anyway yesterday whilst Angela was teaching the Christmas Club Group I decided that our teacosy at home was a total disgrace and we needed a new one - so I threw this one together as quickly as possible and have to say I am well pleased with the results.

Well best show willing and see if there is any jobs that need looking at in the shop.  Happy Christmas to one and all.


  1. The tree looks lovely, I've still got ours to put up. I can't believe you let Poppy sleep on your beautiful quilt.Happy xmas to you and yours.

  2. Happy Christmas Pam, especially on your first married Christmas together. xx