Thursday, 11 March 2010

Overdue Blog

Well it has been ages since I sat down and updated my blog. I read everyone else's blogs and love seeing what everyone does and then i am too lazy to update my blog.

Well life has been really hectic. We had a fabulous workshop with Sally Holman and the ladies who came did some great work - the one photo is Sally's work and the other is on of our ladies Julies work - didnt she do well.

We had a fabulous meeting of the Quilters Quild at Swaffham Priory - an village I had never been to previously and it was lovely - I took the shop to the meeting so was too busy to take photos.
The two speakers were fabulous and so enlightening it makes you want to quilt more and more.
Angela is away in Jersey at the moment supposedly having a relaxing time - she will update her blog this week. She has done lots of workshops.
Well must go and get working, we have social stitching today and that will be great.
Oh just as a note Anne Stacey is starting back with her classes on Sampler Quilts on 5th June and we have booked her for machine quilting course and some other courses so see our website for the dates.


  1. The work looks great! The ladies were all very industrious when I popped in on Saturday. Thanks for showing their results!

  2. The ladies did very well indeed their work was lovely. It was most interesting watching how the pictures went together. Well done.

  3. Oh my! Now I wish I had been there! Will Sally be coming again? Mind you, the last 2 day workshop I did laid me low when I got home, can't take the pace lol

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog :o)