Saturday, 27 March 2010

Well here is my Attic Windows quillow quilt finished and hanging on the workroom wall. We are having a workshop at Art & Stitch demonstrating this on Saturday 10th April 2010. So if you are interested in doing this technic it makes such a lovely quilt. I have done them previously with teddy bears in the window or other kiddie orientated themes. Contact the shop to join us for the day.

Poppy asked me to say hello to all her friends, she felt she had been neglecting you for a few weeks. She a little devil and no where in the house is sacred - but ohhh she is so cute just look at these photos - butter would not melt in her mouth. But five minutes before she was being really mischievious. The second photo is her actually sitting on the top of one of the units in the dining room - where a cat should not have beeen!!!!


  1. Whey hey ,Im all booked up for this work shop, in two weeks and cant wait ,Poppy is cutie isnt she ? Jan xx