Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hi first and foremost I just wanted to tell you all about Sally Holman coming to Art & Stitch on Saturday 6th March. She is doing her fabulous workshop and an example is shown here. There are spaces please come along and join us for the day. It was such fun last time she came and she has such a wealth of knowledge to draw from.

Then look at these piccies - we had a fabulous weekend of dyeing and printing with Ruth Issett last weekend - oh how good was it. I was unsure on Saturday as I had not done anything like this before. Ruth is such a fantastic teacher and so patient and helpful.
Everyone that attended had a great day and we all achieved loads. More photos on Angela's blog.


  1. I wish I was going to be here for Sallys workshop. I really wanted to have a go and learn the technique.
    You did very well with your fabric printing and dyeing. I love your flower fabric.

  2. Lovely prints. I should think you are really pleased with what you've achieved.

  3. We had great fun didn't we? Your prints are super, I wonder what you will make with them? Or will you keep them for reference? I've washed all my dyes out today and I love the results. I wish I could come to the Sally Holman workshop but I will be just back from Wales so I can't make it :o(

  4. Your fabrics are lovely. Well done.