Saturday, 6 February 2010

Well it has been an amazingly busy week in Art & Stitch - yeh all good for us !

Angela has been especially busy juggling wedding preparations, the shop - new stock etc. etc. all week.

Anyway I wanted to share my "Crazy Quilt as you Go "which I finished - it got put away at Christmas to do the Christmas present production line. So I got it out again and hey presto the finished article it is lovely. It is for Caroline's f riend and I am feeling reluctant to part with it - how sad!!!

This little gem was put together yesterday by one of our customers Julie - her and her friend Lisa had a day with us with me showing them foundation piecing which was absolutely fabulous they really enjoyed themselves - so they did these pictures. Lisa the wretch put hers away too quickly so i could not take a photo - how rude was that!!!

We had a great day and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went home with a completed project and happy.

Today is Wedding Day so Angela is at home getting all doled up and ready for the big day.

Poor little Poppy went to be spayed on Monday so she has been unable to blog this week as she has been resting. I am coming back as a cat to some mad old softies like us!!!!!


  1. Pam ,I can well understand your reluctance to part with that delightful quilt ,thankyou for sharing it with us I hope Poppy's poorly bits soon feel better Jan xx

  2. Love that black and white quilt. Pleased Angela has survived the week and got as far as today!

  3. The pic of your quilt just doesnt do it justice - that is always the shame of blogs! Well done in getting it done. It is also great to see Julie's project too, and hope Poppy is on the mend soon.

  4. Your quilt is really lovely Caroline's friend will love it. Well done to Lisa and Julie they have done really well.

  5. The quilt is fantastic, I hope the recipient loves it as much as we do. Julie's picture is lovely.

  6. I can see why you don't want to part with it Pam, it's beautiful. I love the sparkly fabric!