Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My helpful cat

 Well I had a great time quilting this lovely Nature's Notebook quilt using a Layer Cake and made Cake Swap which is a favorite of barbara's and mine - we both love it.  But true to form Poppy felt I needed some extra help!!  When I folded it up she found it extremely comfortable
 Then whilst trying to draw my diagonal lines and flowers - she just arrived from absolutely nowhere to join me - she was swiftly evicted as I could not draw a line with that tail in the way!  Also sitting on the reverse I could cope with but not on my blocks!!
 So I have now finished quilting it and just have to add the bindings and take the basting out - so it is nearly finished.
 I made this lovely bag last week - which I am very pleased with - also nearly finished another bag which will post about later - Bag Lady seems to be living up to her reputation.

Mark and Fran came to tea and Fran mentioned she loved fish pie so true to form I just had to make one and Mark actually ate it all and enjoyed it - he has never to my knowledge eaten fish he has never liked it but having the lovely Fran in his life seems to be making him try things.  I have to say it was delicious we loved it.

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