Wednesday, 24 July 2013


 We have just been away on a fabulous trip to Austria - staying in Kitzbuhl which is a beautiful resort.  The scenery in the Tyrrol is absolutely out of this world.  Our Hotel was fabulous and the food superb.  The time flew by and we were no sooner there than having to come home.

This is a view of a typical Austrian hillside and we had a lovely wander around this little Town

This is of Krimml Falls - they were absolutely beautiful - quite a walk up - we didn't actually make it to the top - they were in three stages and an apple strudel and coffee was calling us back down again!!
The houses were beautiful and they all had the most gorgeous flowers in window boxes - originally to keep the flies out of the house apparently.
We went on a tour of Kitzbuhl itself where our Hotel was located on a Horse driven coach - they turn into sledges for the winter - it was superb the weather was great and it was such a peaceful way to see everything. This is outside the hotel which was originally a castle but extended now to be a five star hotel - there is a swimming pool on the roof with fabulous views.

A trip up in a cable car to the Hannakann fabulous views again - and how those downhill skiers have the courage to launch themselves off down the slopes - phew I most certainly couldn't.  The cable car takes about a quarter of an hour but last year's winner came down in 1 min 47 seconds. !
We were taken to the Grossglockner pass which is the highest mountain in Austria - wow is the only word I think it is 3950 metres - there are  36 hairpin bends in the road to get there - it was absolutely spectacular.  These little Marmots live up there - they were very very cute.
Ooh this was a gorgeous warm apple strudel - in a gorgeous valley village near Grossglockner - a lovely way to sit and look at the views all around us.
Saltzburg was fantastic - we did a City tour which showed us all the places used in the Sound of Music and lots of stories to go with this. I could bore you with all of that at a later post!!!  Of course Saltzburg is also the birthplace of Mozart and they are very proud of this.  We visited his birthplace and haunts.

I just loved this shop - it was full to the brim with traditional Austrian clothing - these dresses were absolutely fantastic
I cannot actually say which day was the best as they were all so good - everyday had a high spot.

Just in case I thought I might get bored or have time I took some wool from the shop and my crochet hook and started Granny Squares - I did them whilst on the coach and it made the long journey to and from Kitzbuhl fly past.   I now have to finish them and join them together.   This King Cole variegated double knit is soo soft and has made them look very effective without having to join colours in - I knew if I tried that I would be chasing balls of wool all over the coach.

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  1. What a lovely holiday! We went to Austria a few years and loved it and we had a short visit to Kitzbuhl too. You packed a lot in. :-)