Saturday, 4 May 2013

A productive week and a clever Hubby

Well my clever hubby has been busy in his workshop - the walnut box above has been made for us for our dresser in the dining room - we have a gap since Caroline and Nic claimed their antique musical box for their new dresser!!
This lovely oak has been made for Barbara to give to her brother as a present - they smelt gorgeous and were so tactile you didn't want to put them down.

 So he is now starting on another beautiful box and some money boxes then a toy box for Leo - so he should be kept pretty busy for a while!!

Leo came to the shop yesterday to help us with some merchandising !!  He is fascinated by all the stands and the lovely things to look at.
Well I am not sure how long ago I told you about my hexagon - but it is nearly finished - slow but sure!!
This is it in its entirety
These are the final few to stitch now

 Then it will need joining together - and then I have to choose the background to place it on
So I am pleased with this and cannot wait to get it completely finished.  Then I can start one of the new projects buzzing in my head - just not enough time to get them all done.


  1. The boxes are beautiful. I bet the hexegons look stunning in real life too!

  2. Clever Rob the boxes are lovely. I think your hexagons are amazing I wouldn't have the patience to do that much hand stitching. Leo is growing into a very handsome young man.