Friday, 16 December 2011

Well we have got our Christmas decorations up and the house is looking festive, and I realised that the children are quite right and if they stand still they may well get quilted!!  When you look at most of our decorations they seem to have been quilted and these are just a few there are others at the shop and some that have not been put up - perhaps I need to slow down on the making of christmas trimmings!!
 I made this one a couple of years ago and still love it.  it was a panel that I embellished.
 This was fun to make and made with left over fabrics. 

This runner was the extra snowman panels with the wall hanging and it makes a good attic windows.
 I did this table runner this year and have made table mats as well.
I made this last year with Anne Stacey and love it.
Okay you are not seeing double I have somehow or other been a total PICNIC and uploaded this picture twice, but if I try to delete will probably loose the whole lot.  I made this star wreath about three years ago but still love.

Whoops these little bits are not quilted they are our Gluhwein mugs from the German markets.  When you buy the Gluhwein you pay 2 euros for the mug and then keep taking it back to get refilled.  You can get the deposit back but we thought they were a nice momento.
These were table mats I was making for Caroline but I liked them so much they stayed with me!!

Little Christmas stockings there is one either side of the guard they look lovely.  We made them in the shop last year I think.
My tree skirt finished this year I love this - it has finished the tree off beautifully.
 This tree was made at Orton Quilters a couple of years back and I still love it.

I made this wall hanging this year we had the panels at Art and Stitch and I just couldn't resist it.
I adore cathedral windows and this wall hanging was made last year.

A selection of table mats - I like the blue at Christmas.

Now I have remembered some other bits that I have made and not put up so will have to search them out find some spare wall space and get them hung up.   Poor Rob is destined for another trip into the loft!!!
My advent calender is at work and two wall hangings and my Christmas tree wall hanging - good job we only have so many walls!!!


  1. How lovely to be surrounded by all your beautiful work this Christmas Pam :-)

  2. Wow you have been busy over the years. You have made some lovely decorations.