Friday, 30 December 2011

A lovely Christmas was had by one and all - even the cat was totally exhausted!!!!

We were lucky enough to have all the family around us on Christmas Day and we had a wonderful day - thank you to all of them
 There were lots and lots of lovely presents - we all did very well indeed and I think everyone got what they wanted.  I most certainly did!!
 For some reason I was decidedly quiet on the camera side and took very few photos - here is the finished Christmas Cake which is very yummy.
I have to thank Gina for her mince pie recipe I made two batches and they were delicious - forgot to take a photo and there is not a single one left.  Folks went home with little pots with mince pies in!! So they were a big success.

Well a happy new Year to everyone who reads my Blog - and next year I am going to finish some projects that were started and not finished.  Although first project is a baby quilt to get made for mid january so had better go and get started!!


  1. Pleased the mince pies were a success and that you had a happy Christmas. G x

  2. The cat certainly looks happy. Glad you had a great time.