Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I really just had to share this with you - my clever husband - oh doesn't that sound good!!  Has been busy making a Toy Box for Liz & Tom (Rob's daughter) to have in the conservatory for when the three little girls visit.    Tom has three lovely daughter's aged 4 and 6 - but toys take up such a space and they do not have lots of space at present.
But isn't this just marvellous - Rob has been making it - started before we went away - but now it is finished and ready to go to its new home.  I got the easy job to make the seat cushion, but I made it reversible as the girls love pink and lilac - but Rob wanted nice tonal colours so - good old William Morris came to the rescue and we have the creams and beige one side and the girlie colour on the other.

The seat lifts up and hey presto the toys are tidy - well that is the plan.
Caroline  (my daughter)has now put an order in for one for them as Leo only has a plastic box for his toys and Anthony (Angela's son) would like one for Ellie's toys as well - so it should keep him out of mischief for a while.

We had a great class last week making pumpkins and here are my three - it was good fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.


  1. I can see someone being very busy! What a beautiful storage chest. Clever clever man you're married to :-)

  2. The seat is fantastic. Well done Rob, move over Norm!