Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Honeymoon Part II

 The Honeymoon Part II - well I promised more pictures - you will all be wishing you hadn't asked about it!!

The Rocky Mountains were absolutely fabulous - everyone moment was a wow moment - the First Nations (politically correct name for the Native Indians)  called it a Yo Ho moment - all of the Waterfalls were so spectaculer and in September they are about at their lowest - so obviously in the spring when they are in full flow after the thaw what would they look like.

We went on a Boat trip on Maligne Lake to Spirit island - it was a superb trip and the scenery fantastic - the island was named by the Native Indians 

Now this Moose is superb - they are very private animals and stay away from folks totally, the guide on the boat trip said this was the first one she had seen this year and our tour guide has not seen a moose for about five years - so we felt very privileged to see the two of them.
Long Horned sheep - they are really parochiel and feel the roads are theirs - and they saunter along in no hurry at all!!
When we got to Jasper we went white water rafting it was the most spectacular afternoon - we all got totally soaked and the guy organising us - well rowing - was determined to get us as wet as possible and headed for the most turbulent stretches of water.
Then from Jasper to the Rocky Mountaineer - it was everything I had dreamed off, spectacular scenerey.  we were lucky it was not fully booked and we had a whole carriage to six of us so - we could move about freely and enjoy the scenery.
When we got to Whistler - we were staying in the  Olympic Village which was very modern and lovely - the hotel room was more like an apartment and was great.  Anyway we took ourselves off on an off roading excursion into the surrounding countryside - great scenery and places you just could not imagine.   These are the falls with No name - great title!  

From Whistler we headed towards Vancouver via Capilano - this is a beautiful canyon with a suspension bridge that swung all over the place.  And the modern skywalk which was right out over the canyon - it was fantastic.
Well this is a very potted version of the tour but suffice to say it was actually fantastic.  From Capilano we went onto Grouse Mountain - but unfortunately Blogger has now decided not to upload anymore photos so this is the end of this section.  From Grouse Mountain to Vancouver then we went to Victoria Island.  I shall try to put the last few photos on at a later date!!


  1. What an amazing experience Pam. Something you will never forget. I think you were brave to walk round that skywalk. That's a big boat for one man to row! x

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the photo's. I think blogger must have eaten my comment that I left after your last post because I did leave one and it's not there now.
    The photo's are amazing you must have had a fantastic time and you look very happy.Glad to have you back though.