Wednesday, 1 August 2012

More flowers - I think I am doing them in my sleep and they are multiplying - though could have done with the magic flower maker to assist me !!

I have made this time 82 red flowers and have just six more white flowers to make.  They are going to look absolutely gorgeous on the place settings.

 In total including the original invitations - which I did ages ago - I have made approximately 280 flowers - yeh I am quite pleased with myself.

Other things are taking a backseat at present as it is one month tomorrow to the big day - we have done the seating plan, sorted music, readings and I had my dress fitting Monday and it is looking good.

Now I have the fancies to make - the cakes to ice - must be something else to do - doesn't sound much that!

Rob is busy making a toy box for Liz & Tom's three little girls  (Tom's by his marriage - they are gorgeous twins of three and Millie age 5) and I have to make a cushion for the seat - no pressure eh!!  And Caroline has put in an order for her toy box for Leo as well.

Well here is the latest picture of  Leo with his Grandpops (Rob) and Poppy looking on  well actually totally disinterested in him!!

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  1. You should be pleased with yourself the flowers are lovely. They look so pretty all jumbled up like that. Rob looks happy and content with Leo on his knee.