Thursday, 19 January 2012

Well I cannot believe I have been so remiss in updating my blog - I had resolved to be far more regular and am obviously failing miserably!!

Look who came to visit today and look at her proud Nanny!  Ellie is gorgeous so adorable - all work at Art and Stitch grinds to a halt!!

 Well I have been very busy that is my excuse  - I had failed to realise that a very dear friend is 70 tomorow in fact and I had not thought she was that age at all - and when I found out ten days ago it was this year I went into a panic mode.  Anyway I have made a quilt in double quick time it has been fun and I just hope that the colours are right for her - it looks great in the flesh - so to speak.
 I used a Hoffman Bali Pop - I do love batiks the colours and patterns are so rich.  I have enjoyed making it and getting to completion in double quick time - well worthwhile. 
We are starting Christmas early at Art and Stitch and having a Christmas Club - the first of which is tomorrow so we are looking forward to that here.  We are holding them monthly and tomorrow is a Star Garland which is lovely.

Well best go and see if I have anything that needs finishing - lots to do so must go.

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  1. You can see Angela is bursting with pride :-) Ellie is beautiful! Well done for your quilt, it looks lovely and you're inspiring me to crack on and make one I've got planned for my Mum before the winter is over!.